Heat Necks

Heat necks for pressure gauges

High temperatures can affect instrument performance. If you have a hot process application (60 Deg C and over), heat necks can protect your pressure units.

There are various designs available, depending on the temperature in the process, ranging from a simple tube extension to a machined extension with cooling fins.

Our standard heat necks are 130mm long with cooling fins which are suitable for temperatures for up to 300 Deg C. They are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and is available with various instrument and process connections.

  Instrument Connections Options     Process Connection Options  
1/4"BSPT, BSPP or NPT female 1/4"BSPT, BSPP or NPT male
3/8"BSPT, BSPP or NPT female 3/8"BSPT, BSPP or NPT male
1/2"BSPT, BSPP or NPT female 1/2"BSPT, BSPP or NPT male

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