Flowmeters - Insite

Flowmeters for use on Liquid and Air - Inline Series

The insite flowmeters are an easy to use inline flowmeter for use on liquids and air.

Scales are offered in GPM or LPM for liquids and  in SCFM or SLPM for air.

Maximum liquid flow is 3 GPM (20LPM) to 50 GPM (200LPM).

Maximum air flow is 50 SCFM (1400 SLPM) to 500 SCFM (14,000 SLPM).  Other units are available.

The inline flowmeters can be mounted horizontally, vertically or in between.  The spring-loaded piston is used instead of a gravity float.  Straight pipe runs are not required either before or after the meter.

The Insites are easy to read because of the large diameter knife-edged piston.  The piston remains visible even through cloudy liquids.

The durable metal end fittings (available in various materials) are threaded directly to the male BSPT or NPT pipe. PVC end fittings are available for applications that aggressively attack metals.

The maximum pressure drop at full scale flow is only 4 psi.

To clean, simply unscrew the o-ring sealed outlet fitting, all working parts are easily removed.

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