Flowmeters - Medium Series for General Purpose Applications

Flowmeters for General Purpose Applications - Medium Series

These are variable area meters with a spring biased semi-circular vane that opens wider with more flow. They are installed in-line in any position.  Straight pipe runs, before or after the meter, are not required.  The simple mechanical connection directly drives pointers, switches and transmitters.

Flow rates are from 40 to 600 LPM (10 to 160GPM).

Model MN - Maximum liquid pressure 300 PSI.

Model MM - Maximum liquid pressure 500 PSI.

Model MH - Maximum liquid pressure 2000 PSI.

All flowmeters are individually calibrated for fluids with the viscosity you specify (Up to 3000SSU/650 Centistokes).

Please see the attached data sheet or contact our sales staff for further information.

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  • Additional Information: See data sheet
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